Korinthosz160 Race info


06 August, 2021 – Friday

Start time: 11:00

7100 Szekszárd, Garay tér

GPS: 46,348776; 18,700795

Finish: 07 August, 2021, Saturday until 10:00

Race office: Szekszárd, Várköz, Placc Ifjúsági Központ

Time limit: 23 hours


Race route:

Szekszárd – Sióagárd – Bogyiszló – Keselyűs – Szent László híd – Sükösd – Érsekcsanád – Baja –Petőfi sziget – Pandúr sziget –Petőfi sziget – Pandúr sziget – Petőfi sziget – Baja – Érsekcsanád – Sükösd – Szent László híd – Keselyűs – Bogyiszló – Sióagárd – Szekszárd

Only individual runners may enter the 160 km race.

Runners will be able to take refreshments 35 times, at 18 different aid stations.

Individual competitors may send their own refreshments and clothing changes to the following refreshment stations.

Plastic bags will be provided. Sealed bags can be deposited in the race center into the bags marked with the number of the refreshment point.

Organizers handle only sealed packages with the following markings:

  • name of competitor
  • number of the refreshment station or km 

All bags must be deposited between 08:00-10:00 on Friday, 6st August!

Following the race, unused packages can be picked up at the race center until 13:00, or later – for individual runners only – at the award ceremony. Left items will not be mailed.

All refreshment points are check points as well. Except for the 1st point (Szekszárd, Bor street) we measure split-time, please activate your chip!


Race rules:

For runners competing at K160 km the following intermediate time limits have been established:

– Keselyűs (40.5 km) – 5hrs, runners must reach check-point before 16:00.

– Baja, Petőfi – sziget, turning point (80.5 km) – 10hrs 15mins, runners must reach checkpoint before 21:15.

–  Keselyűs (121 km) – 16hrs 15mins, runners must reach checkpoint before 03:15 on Saturday.

–  Bogyiszló (135,7 km) – 18hrs 30mins, runners must reach checkpoint before 05:30 on Saturday.  

– Szekszárd, Garay tér – 23hrs – runners must reach the finish line at the latest at 10:00! 


Mandatory equipment:

– headlamp

– visibility vest or wrist and ankle strap

All runners who reach the checkpoint beyond the defined intermediate time limits, will be disqualified.

Runners qualified unfit by either the safety personnel or the members of the crew will be withdrawn from the race for the sake of their own health.

Runners are obliged to wear bib numbers – contained in the race package – during the entire race, in a clearly visible way.

Athletes will be running often on main roads, bike paths or sidewalks. They are obliged to comply with the traffic rules, they must always keep to the right, and should not hinder each other or any vehicles on the route.

All runners will be disqualified from the race who violate the race rules in any of the following ways:

– use of any vehicle

– shortcutting the route

– inappropriate behavior with members of the crew or other participants

– missing a checkpoint

– not having any of the mandatory equipment

– overrunning the time limit


Supporting runners

Support crew can meet their individual runners at the following checkpoints:

Szekszárd Palánk – Sió bridge

Bogyiszló center

Keselyűs turning point 

Sükösdi barrier house

Baja – Szentistván crossing

Baja – Petőfi sziget (in front of the swimming pool, before runner goes off to Pandúr island)

We have made this decision to avoid cumbersome parking and congestion, and to provide equal opportunities to all athletes.

Changing, bathing, lockers 

Bags and luggage may be left at the race center. Items left in the locker may be picked up after the race, at the same place.

Bathing and changing opportunity will be provided for individual runners at the race center.

Please note that the race center closes at 13:00. Finishers may rest and stay at the race center until closing time.



By registering, participants agree that photos, video and digital images will be taken during the event, and that the organizers, administrators, sponsors, news media and web sites may use these images for promotional or commercial purposes without royalties or prior consent and with their full permission.

Medical support

During the race medical support and ambulance will be provided. Due to the length of the course, getting to a runner might take some time.

Modification, cancellation

The organizer reserves the right to change the route or the place of the aid stations. The organizer has the right to modify or cancel the event due to extreme weather or other circumstances beyond the control of the organizer.

In the event that the race is cancelled due to any reason following the start, organizer will only announce results if at least three athletes completed 120km or more. In this case final ranking will be determined according to the time measured at the last checkpoint.

Unless at least 3 runners reach 120 km (Keselyus checkpoint 2nd reach), there will be no final result announced.

If the race is cancelled for any unforeseen reason, organizers shall not be held liable and athletes may have no claims for damages. 


Any objection must be submitted in writing to the race director within one hour of passing the time limit. The objection fee is HUF 10 000.-. In case the objection is found unjustified and is declined by the race director, objection fee is not reimbursed.