Korinthosz 160, 80 and 40 km pays tribute to the heritage of the Spartathlon race, as well as to the finishers of the events. Our goal is to keep the spirit and tradition of this classical Greek ultramarathon.

Our event is connected to the Spartathlon in several ways. The distance of the original Korinthosz.hu event is the same as the first leg of the Spartathlon, 81 kilometers between Athens and the Isthmus of Corinth.

The race is an excellent mental and physical training opportunity for the Spartathlon, since weather conditions and the characteristics – long straights, overnight running – of the course are similar to the Greek event on both the Korinthosz 160 and Korinthosz 80.

The diverse surface of the course and the number of refreshment stations are also similar to the Spartathlon. 


Korinthosz ultrarunning race

The course is officially measured and certified. The distance is 161.08 kilometers, almost exactly 100 miles, which can be a qualifying result for the Spartathlon! (21 hrs for men, 22 hrs for women)

Our goal is to establish a prominent ultramarathon event in Hungary and Central Europe.

Runners will start at different times, in three different locations to run along the 80K route between Szekszárd and Baja, but all races will finish in Szekszárd.

The 160K event will go on a Szekszárd-Baja-Szekszárd route, the 80K race goes from Baja to Szekszárd, while the 40K event is on the stage from Keselyűs to Szekszárd.


Bus transfer to Baja and Keselyűs:

Participants of the 80km race (individual only!) will be transported by bus to Baja to the race office.

Bus will depart on Friday at 20:30, from Szent László square, Szekszárd. (GPS: 46.351603, 18.701374)

Participants of the 40km race (individual only!) will be transported by bus to Keselyűs to the race office.

Bus will depart on Friday at 23:00, from Béla király square, Szekszárd. (GPS: 46.349679, 18.698117)

We kindly ask you to book your seat on the bus when you register for the race!

If you do so, your bib packet will contain the bus ticket.

Attention! As bicycle support is not allowed during the race, we are not offering bus transfer for support crews!

Please take your seats on the bus in time, as buses will be leaving at 20:30 and 23:00 sharp!

Thanks for your understanding!



By registering, participants accept all rules and regulations of the competition.

Registrations can be made only online, by completing the registration form on www.korinthosz.hu before 20.07.2020.

Registration fee:

Individual runners:


Until 29 February 2020

Until 20 July 2020

Package „A” – recommended for international athletes

Package “B”

Package „A” – recommended for international athletes

Package “B”

Individual runners







34 000


39 000



32 000


37 000



27 000


32 000

Banquet tickets

HUF 10.500




Registration fees

Relay K80

Until 29 Febr 2020

Until 20 July 2020

2 persons

     18 000   

       21 000   

3 persons

      27 000   

       30 000   

4 persons

      36 000   

        39 000   

5 persons

      45 000   

        48 000   


Packages include:


Package „A”

Package „B”

Accommodation for 3 nights (20-23 August 2020)


Transfer from Budapest to Szekszárd


Transfer from Szekszárd to Budapest


Half board


Entry to the reception dinner and banquet



Participation in the event



Timing, refreshment, baggage storage



Transfer to the start of the event



Interpreter (English, German, Italian)



From 2019 the number of entries has been limited. In 2020 they are as follows:


Limit (persons)








Relay K80

2 persons


3 persons


4 persons


5 persons



Your registration will be confirmed after the registration fee has been paid according to the registration fee schedule. Registration with no payment will be cancelled.

Note! There is no on-site registration for the race or for the award ceremony!

Paid registrations can be cancelled until 30.06.2020 by sending a written confirmation to info@korinthosz.hu!

There is no refund after 30.06.2020 in case of cancellation!

If a race distance reaches its participation limit, the registration cannot be transferred.

In this case, if there is a cancellation, the organizers will refund registration fees (before 30.06.2020 only) after deducting HUF 500.- technical fee.

When a race distance reaches its participation limit, registration closes. Then, in the order of registration, a waiting list is established, where the first person in the payment queue is entitled to participate in the race whenever a registration is cancelled.



You can pay by bank transfer or SimplePay.

Bank information for bank transfer:

Borvidék Futóegyesület

Budapest Bank  10104617-45398600-01004004

IBAN:  HU12 101046174539860001004004


In the comment field please enter your name, year of birth, race distance!


You can also pay in person before 20.07.2020.

Szekszárd, Mátyás király u. 66. – Márker Kft. premises, every day from 10 am to 2 pm.  


Purchasing tickets for the banquet:

Individual runners intending to order the 1 extra ticket after their registration had been completed, should follow these steps:

  • transfer the cost (HUF 10 500.-) to the bank account specified above
  • provide the following info in the comment box: name of the runner and “Bankettjegy”


Awarding individuals

Runners of 160 km who complete the race within the time limit receive our own branded belt buckle!

Individual runners of 160/80 km, who complete the race within the time limit, will receive a ribbon with their name before the finish line!

All individual runners of 160/80/40 km who complete the race within the time limit will receive a medal, a diploma and a finisher t-shirt.

Each individual runner will receive their prizes at the award ceremony.

Awarding relays

Members of the relays will receive their medals at the finish line. The results of the teams will be announced at Garay Square in the finish zone at 11:30.

Awarding 1st-3rd places of individuals and relays

Individual runners 1st-3rd overall will be awarded with a prize.

Relays 1st-3rd overall will be awarded with a medal and certificate.


Individual runners of 160/80 km will not receive a separate age-group prize, but their age group result will be recorded in their diploma!

Age group classification:

  • runners born in 1990 or later
  • runners born between 1989-1980
  • runners born between 1979-1970
  • runners born in 1969 or before



Runners should be fully aware of the race distance and the problems that may arise in such long runs. The race requires all participants to be able to solve their own physical, emotional and mental issues caused by the race effort.

An ambulance is going to follow the race, however, due to the distance, it may take longer for them to arrive in case of emergency. The phone number of the safety personnel will be printed on the race bib.


Relay changeover points:

Relay teams may freely divide the distance within themselves, however, changeovers are only allowed at specific aid stations!

Aid stations, checkpoints

Aid stations will be established every 4-5 kilometers along the whole route, and there are only 2 stations where the distance exceeds 7 kms. At each station, the remaining distance and the length of the following leg will be clearly stated.

It is the runners’ responsibility to decide whether they are fit to continue. Please be aware that safety personnel, medical staff or any crew members can freely override runners’ decision and can stop them from continuing the race.

Aid stations will provide drinking water, isotonic drinks, coke, fruits, dried fruits, salt, sweet and savory biscuits, and ice.

Certain stations  will also offer cooked food: rice, potatoes and soup!

Each aid station is also a check-point with a given opening and closing time. The closing time of a station is the cut-off time, which means if a runner reaches a given station after its closing time, the runner will be automatically excluded from the race.


Route marking, road safety

The route will be marked by paint, buoys, signs, and safeguarded with the help of officials.



Checkpoint system RFID will be used to time runners. Timing chip must be worn on the wrist, which will be checked along the route in order to provide live results through the internet.

In case of dropping-off the race before the end, we kindly ask participants to hand in their chips at the closest refreshment station!

Split times and final results will be posted live on the event’s website. 


Reception dinner and banquet

The award ceremony will be organized in a special way similar to previous years: every individual, completing the race within the time limit will be called onto stage before the reception dinner, where the special race award will be handed over.

1st-3rd place holders of all 3 distances will also be awarded during the ceremony.

After the award ceremony, you are invited to a buffet dinner, and you are welcome to join us for a party with live music.

Location of the reception dinner and banquet: Babits Mihály Kulturális Központ, 7100 Szekszárd, Szent István tér 10., start time: Saturday 22.08.2020, 19:00.

The entry fee for the reception dinner is included in the individual registration fee.

Relay registration fees do not include the entry fee and the attendance at the reception dinner!

As only a limited number of guests can attend the reception dinner, members of relays cannot purchase entry tickets.

All individual runners might purchase max. 1 additional entry ticket for the dinner!

Thank you for your understanding!

Banquet tickets can be purchased for HUF 10 500.-/person. Payment should be received latest by 20.07.2020, afterwards registration for the dinner will not be accepted!

We kindly ask you to dress according to the event – casual is welcome, please avoid sportswear!


We wish you a successful finish and a weekend of great experience!

Balazs Csillag – Zoltán Németh – Öcsi Márkus