Korinthosz 160K and 80K ultramarathon pays tribute to the heritage of the Spartathlon race, as well as to the finishers of the events. Our goal is to keep the spirit and tradition of this classical Greek ultramarathon.

Our event is connected to the Spartathlon in several ways. The distance of the original Korinthosz.hu event equals to that of the first leg of the Spartathlon, 81 kilometers between Athens and the Isthmus of Corynth.

The engineer István Türr, who was involved with the Greek Government’s major project of planning and implementing the Corinth Canal, is from the city of Baja.

The race is an excellent mental and physical training opportunity for the Spartathlon, since weather conditions and the characteristics – long straights, overnight running –  of the course are similar to the Greek event on both the Korinthosz[160] and Korinthosz[80]. The diverse surface of the course and the number and of the refreshment stations is also similar to the Spartathlon. 



The course is officially measured and certified. The distance is 161.08 kilometers, almost exactly 100 miles, which can be a qualifying result for the Spartathlon!

We are aiming to establish a recognized ultramarathon event of Hungary and Central Europe.

Runners will start in different times, from three different locations along the 80K route between Szekszárd and Baja, but all races will finish in Szekszárd.

The 160K event will go on a Szekszárd-Baja-Szekszárd route, the 80K race goes from Baja to Szekszárd, while the 40K event is on the stage from Keselyűs to Szekszárd.


Race office:

”Piac Közösségi Tér” (Market Square) Building „F”

Address: Szekszárd, Piac tér 1.

GPS: 46.350036 – 18.701031

Attention! For the 80K and 40K events bib/packet pick-up is also available at the start of each event in Baja and Keselyűs. Find further details under Race info and Schedule.


Supporting runners:

By car:

Following the runners by car is not possible along the whole route, because the Duna and Sió embankments are closed to traffic.

Only refreshment stations marked in the aid station list can be reached by car.


By bicycle:

Bicycles are allowed on the whole route.

Those riding the bicycle are required to wear high visibility vest and respect traffic rules.

There is no race and timekeeping for bicycles.

Runners are allowed to use bicycle support according to the followings:

Bicycle support crew must be registered.

Entry fee for bicycle crew is 5500 HUF/person, which include:

  • participation in the race, on safeguarded roads (traffic restrictions)
  • refreshment stations
  • emergency service
  • T-shirt
  • unique finishers’ medal
  • pasta party the evening before the race
  • refreshments at the finish

Entry fee for the banquet/award ceremony is 8500 HUF/person. Tickets might be requested at registration.

Time will not be measured, thus there will be no ranking set for bicycle riders.

Bicycle riders are allowed to take refreshments at the refreshment stations.

Runners and bicycle support not wearing bib numbers on any part of the route will be disqualified.


Bus transfer to Baja:

Participants may request bus transfer to the 80Km race start in Baja. Bus will depart at 22:00, from Szent László str., Szekszárd. GPS: 46.351603, 18.701374

Bicycle support crew members are also welcome to register for the transfer. Bicycles will be transported to the start by a separate vehicle.

Attention!  transfer requests will not be taken after 01.08.2018., the cost is already included in the 5.500,- ft registration fee.


Own refreshment and clothing changes:

Individual competitors may send own refreshment and clothing changes to certain refreshment stations. Organizers handle only sealed packages with the following markings:

  • name of competitor
  • number of the refreshment station or km 

Packages drop-off times:

09.08.2018. (Thursday)17.00-20.00 at race center

10.08.2018. (Friday) till 12:00 at race center


Following the race unused packages can be picked up at the race center. Left items will not be mailed. 


Baggage storage:

Baggage will be transported from the start to the finish. Only closed baggage, identified with a tag (name and contact info) will be accepted. Baggage can be picked up at the finish before the award ceremony. Left items will not be mailed! 



By registering participant accept all rules and regulations of the competition.

Registration requires completing the registration form before 28.07.2018.


Your registration will be confirmed after the registration fee has been paid according to the registration fee schedule. Registration with no payment will be cancelled.

Note! There is no on-site registration!

There are no refund after 31.06.2018. Registrations might be transferred by sending and e-mail to info@fut.as 

Bank information:

Borvidék Futóegyesület

Budapest Bank  10104617-45398600-01004004

IBAN:  HU12 101046174539860001004004


In the comment field please put: name, DOB


You can also pay in person before 28.07.2018.

Szekszárd, Mátyás király u. 66. – Márker Kft. premises, every day from 10 am to 2 pm. 



The race mostly follows embankments, but the route crosses roads open to traffic at several places! The route has slightly changed since last year. We kindly ask all runners and crew members – either by bike or car – to observe the rules. Stay safe!



Runners 1-3. overall will be awarded with a medal and certificate. First three women and men will separately be awarded with a medal and certificate. First three women and men in each age-group will receive a medal and certificate. Finishers of Korinthosz[80] within 9 hours 30 minutes (time limit for this leg in the Spartathlon) will be awarded with a special certificate. A finisher’s medal will be given to all runners finishing within 11 hours. Relay winners will receive a cup and medals, 2nd and 3rd place relays will get medals.



Age-group awards will only be given to individual runners, men and women separately for Korinthosz[160] and Korinthosz[80].

  • runners born in 1988 or later
  • runners born between 1987-1978
  • runners born between 1977-1968
  • runners born in 1967 or before



Runners should be fully aware of the race distance and the problems that may arise in such long runs. The race requires all participants to be able to solve their own physical, emotional and mental issues caused by the race effort.

An ambulance is going to follow the field, however, due to the distance, it may take longer to arrive in case of emergency. The phone number of the safety personnel will be printed on the race bib.



Relay teams may freely divide the distance within themselves, however, changeovers are only allowed at aid stations! Teams with one runner and one cyclist are alowed to changed anywhere along the route.


Aid stations, checkpoints

Aid stations will be established every 4-5 kilometers along the whole route. At each station, the remaining distance and the length of the following leg will be clearly stated. It’s the runners’ responsibility to decide whether they will continue.

Aid stations will provide drinking water, isotonic drinks, coke, fruits, dried fruits, salt, sweet and savoury biscuits, and ice. All aid stations are checkpoints as well!

Each aid station is also a checkpont with a given opening and closing time. Closing time of a station is the cut-off time, which means if a runner reaches a given station after its closing time, the runner will be automatically eliminated.



Route marking, road safety

The route will be marked by paint, buoys, signs, and safeguarded with the help of officials.



Checkpointsystem RFID will be used to time runners. Timing chip must be worn on the arm. Five checkpoints will be randomly set along the route.

In case of dropping-off the race before the end, we kindly ask participants to hand in their chips at the closest refreshment station!

Split times and final results will be posted live on the event’s website. 



Withdrawals are only accepted via email. Please send your email to info@ fut.as Please be aware that until 31 July 2018. the registration is refundable or transferable. After that date the registration fee will not be refunded!


Registration transfer

In case of transfer, please send us (info@fut.as) the following data:
The runner’s name withdrawing from the race. The new runner’s name, date of birth, email , address, phone number, T-shirt size.


Reception dinner and banquet

We sincerely hope that Korinthosz can become a real celebration of ultra running, therefore we are organizing the award ceremony in a special way: all runners who finish Korinthosz[160] or Korinthosz[80] within the time limit will be individually called onto stage before the reception dinner, where the special race award will be handed over.

1-3. place holders of all 3 distances will also be awarded during the ceremony.

After the award ceremony you’ll be invited to a buffet dinner, and you’ll be welcome to join us for a party with live music.

Location of the reception dinner and banquet: Babits Mihály Kulturális Központ, 7100 Szekszárd, Szent István tér 10. , start time: Saturday 11.08.2018, 19:00.

We kindly ask you to dress according to the event – casual is welcome, please avoid sports wear!


We wish you a successful finish and a weekend of great experience!

Balazs Csillag – Zoltán Németh – Öcsi Márkus



Recommended accommodations:

Participants should take care their own reservations!

Hotel Zodiaco***

Address: 7100 Szekszárd, Szent László u.19.

Phone: +36-74/511-150

GPS: 46.351232, 18.699124



Maximum capacity: 53


PTE-IGYFK Főiskolai Kollégium

Address: 7100 Szekszárd, Mátyás K.u.3.

Phone: +36-74/528-329

GPS: 46.352701, 18.703920


E-mail: hamarics@igyfk.pte.hu

Max capacity: 260, shared bathroom